The Colossus

Book 1 in The Red Scarf Series

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A shattering prophecy is revealed by Suleiman the Magnificent on his deathbed.

1630, Constantinople: A brilliant young thief, Emir, stows away on the Colossus, a ship with a murderous, mutinous crew, who covet a powerful relic on board. Sucked into a treasonous plot, Emir must foil the mutiny and save the precious cargo, before a fellow crewman seals his fate.

2012, London: Professor Daniel Fairlight isn’t alone in his search for a lost legendary artefact. An elite Ottoman military unit is tracking him. In too deep to turn back now, Daniel rushes to retrieve the relic and escape with his life. 

Duman Osman, a brutal and ruthless zealot, will stop at nothing to control the secret and fulfil his destiny.

Separated by nearly four hundred years, Daniel and Emir are running out of time . . . how can they succeed with deadly enemies closing in on all sides?

A fateful voyage of friendship and sacrifice, treachery and redemption, aboard a ship full of secrets . . .  the Colossus.