The Colossus

Book 1 in The Red Scarf Series

A shattering prophecy is revealed by Suleiman the Magnificent on his deathbed.

1630, Constantinople: A brilliant young thief, Emir, stows away on the Colossus, a ship with a murderous, mutinous crew, who covet a powerful relic on board. Sucked into a treasonous plot, Emir must foil the mutiny and save the precious cargo, before a fellow crewman...

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The Twin Rings

Book 2 in the Red Scarf Series

Twisty and gripping, an action-packed historical adventure and must-read release of 2024. Perfect for fans of historical adventure thrillers, such as Gary McAvoy, Jason Goodwin and Dan Brown.

The Secret of a Lifetime . . .

1323 BCE, Egypt: Royal rings spellbound with untold power. Desperately coveted, the amulets leave nothing but despair,...

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