Simon Wright

Simon was born, raised and continues to live in and around the Home Counties of London, England. He has forged a career as a leadership and brand consultant, advising and coaching business leaders internationally. When challenged on his credentials as a writer he cites a school commendation for creative writing and winning the Jane Austen Award for Achievements in English at his sixth form college. He acknowledges that other writers have more prestigious credentials. Simon’s first book, The Colossus, garnered some surprisingly favourable reviews, which has encouraged Simon to continue pursuing his dream with the sequel, The Twin Rings. Simon admits that response to The Colossus, the first book in The Red Scarf Series, has led to some alarming delusions of literary grandeur, although the Oxford comma continues to keep him awake at night. Sadly this has now been joined by the dangling modifier. 


The Colossus

Book 1 in The Red Scarf Series

A shattering prophecy is revealed by Suleiman the Magnificent on his deathbed.

1630, Constantinople: A brilliant young thief, Emir, stows away on the Colossus, a ship with a murderous, mutinous crew, who covet a powerful relic on board. Sucked into a treasonous plot, Emir must foil the mutiny and save the precious cargo, before a fellow crewman...

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The Twin Rings

Book 2 in the Red Scarf Series

Twisty and gripping, an action-packed historical adventure and must-read release of 2024. Perfect for fans of historical adventure thrillers, such as Gary McAvoy, Jason Goodwin and Dan Brown.

The Secret of a Lifetime . . .

1323 BCE, Egypt: Royal rings spellbound with untold power. Desperately coveted, the amulets leave nothing but despair,...

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Latest Updates

March 2, 2024 Launch Day 1324


So, following publication day on Feb 29th, we went straight into a launch event last night - date, 1324. The venue was a private room in The Northcote in Clapham, and the...

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March 1, 2024 First Reviews


I talked in the previous post about reaching strangers, and the discombobulating feelings that can generate. You don't know them, and they don't know you. You are judged...

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March 1, 2024 Publication Day


So, yesterday The Colossus finally set sail. We tried to make her as shipshape as possible, but as she ventures into uncharted territory we can only wish her well. I am sure...

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Be you a reader, a writer, a bookshop botherer or simply someone looking to make new connections, I'd love to hear from you. I wrote The Colossus in lockdown and, apart from giving me a reason to get up in the morning, it also reaffirmed my belief that everyone has a story to tell. What's yours?