The Twin Rings

Book 2 in the Red Scarf Series

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Twisty and gripping, an action-packed historical adventure and must-read release of 2024. Perfect for fans of historical adventure thrillers, such as Gary McAvoy, Jason Goodwin and Dan Brown.

The Secret of a Lifetime . . .

1323 BCE, Egypt: Royal rings spellbound with untold power. Desperately coveted, the amulets leave nothing but despair, betrayal and bloodshed in their wake . . .

1630, Jordan: Even as Emir struggles to survive his ordeal aboard The Colossus, new enemies are closing in. The more he understands the power of the rings he wears, the more he fears for his life. Can even his closest allies be trusted?

2014, England: Daniel Fairlight gets one last chance to find the woman he loves and solve an ancient mystery. But, as everything in his life is taken from him, he faces an impossible choice. Must he sacrifice her to save the rings?

Each on the run from enemies obsessed with the rings’ power, Daniel and Emir fight desperately to outwit their most formidable adversaries yet. If they can triumph, they may uncover a secret that could change the course of humanity forever . . .